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Admission for 10 Children to the Museum*checkboxcheckboxcheckbox
Private Party Room for 1 hourcheckboxcheckboxcheckbox
Food Included: 2 cheese pizzas & cupcakescheckbox
Drinks Included: juice boxes & water bottlescheckbox
Includes: table covers, plates, balloons (you pick color),
use of fridge to store cake
Goody bag for each child guest pass with t-shirt,
science experiment, free pass, candy
Member Price:$100$200$300
Non-Member Price:$150$250$350
*Fee per additional child$5$7$10

Party Theme Options: Tiers B & C

STEM Party

Children six years of age and up

Party guests will don lab goggles and participate in a series of science experiments that will surprise, gross-out, and delight!

Makerspace Party

Children six years of age and up 

From concept to new creation, cardboard comes to life with makerspace challenges to construct, create, and conquer!

Arts & Crafts Party

Children four years of age and up

Party guests will craft, create, and explore their inner Picasso with a series of themed arts and crafts.

Sensory Bins

Children four years and under

Using sight, smell, and touch, children will explore a variety of items in themed sensory bins.