Field Trips



Children learn best through play… so bring your class or group to CMB for an engaging, hands-on field trip!


Field trip packages are designed to ensure large groups have a fun and positive experience at CMB. Groups of 30+ will be scheduled on Tuesday mornings (9AM – 12PM) to allow all guests to enjoy the museum’s exhibits and resources; smaller groups may visit the museum during normal business hours. In addition to our twelve interactive exhibits that encourage an exploration of the arts, regional heritage, science, and technology, CMB is ready to enhance your classroom-based curriculum with immersive activities and experiments. Our field trip curriculum aligns with Virginia’s Standards of Learning and supports educational goals through structured and child-directed play. You and your students can discover, investigate, and explore the museum, or choose from one of our workshop options below.


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Time: 90 minutes of open play in the museum
Ages: Ideal for students ages 2-7
Cost: $5 per student
Availability: Tuesday mornings 9AM – 12PM


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Time: 60 minutes of open play in the museum, PLUS Instructor-led, STEM-focused activities; choose from two workshop options
Ages: Ideal for grades K-3
Cost: $8 per student
Availability: Tuesday mornings 9AM – 12PM


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Workshop Options


Matter! (K-1): Investigate objects in motion and the three phases of matter. Students will explore color, shape, and use our Big Blue Blocks as ramps to set objects in motion, before taking on solids, liquids, and gases to learn more about the properties of various objects. (SOL alignment: K.1, K.4, 1.1, and 1.3)


Physics (K-3): Explore magnetism and simple machines, and their everyday influence. Students will investigate the strength of magnets relative to various metals, and see for themselves the science behind simple machines! (SOL alignment: K.1, K.3, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, and 3.2)




Because the museum is in high demand for visiting groups, we must limit the number of groups scheduled on any given day. Therefore, if your plans change, we ask that you cancel, reschedule, or change the number of children in your group well in advance of your visit.


Cancellation or schedule changes initiated more than 48 hours in advance of a scheduled field trip will not result in any additional fee.


Field trips canceled within 48 hours of your group’s scheduled arrival will result in an invoice and payment in full for the expected attendees.